Jonathan Wish Foundation - Make Jonathan's Wish Come True!!
 We are a foundation set up in memory of a small boy who had ONE WISH..
Jonathan Nathaniel Cone  was only 4 years old when he was killed in an automobile accident .
HIS WISH WAS THAT ALL CHILDREN COULD HAVE THINGS TO LEARN FROM LIKE HIM!! We try to fulfill that wish by helping children of the future. We collect new and used educational items along with cash donations!! Then we find a Daycare, Preschool, K thru 5 or Early childhood programs and headstart. We will be having a fundraiser the second Saturday in November All proceeds go to THE JONATHAN WISH FOUNDATION to use for CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE! IT will be Fun hope to see you there! "Help make a wish come true!!  Donations of Educational items Accepted Always  Drop off spots MASONIC lodge Burlington, Wisconsin  192 Park Avenue in Sharon, Wisconsin 53585 Cash Donations are accepted at any Educators Credit Union in Wisconsin in The Jonathan Wish Foundation Account All Proceeds will be used to make a wish come true and help the children of the future WE are a NON PROFIT 501{c}3 organization so we abide by the rules set by the IRS and GOD HOPE YOU  COME OUT AND JOIN US GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! Our last fundraiser was a success for us not as big as some but also not as small as some. We are in the process of making plans for this upcoming November's fundraiser will give you more information as we get it. May God Bless You All To Have A Clear Mind And A True Heart
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